Back to VGStorm's homepage "Adventure at C: Home" "Downloads" "About" "Custom stages" About Adventure At C: is an audio game side scroller. This means you only move left and right.

how it works

This game is action based, sometimes requiring fast movement.
Playing the game is easy. After selecting a file in the game, you can move left and right across the vertual levels. The first level, an introduction tutorial level, will explain some basic navigation. Afterwards, you can press shift+O to open the options menu.
From there, you can choose tutorial and learn about the more challenging obstacles.


You are a computer programmer who has to deal with a problem we all face at one point or another. No, not puberty, computer viruses.
Unfortunately, his case of virus infestation is much worse than any of us have delt with.
Some strange virus calling himself RS clames he can use your computer to take over the world.
Panicked, you use a new program prototype you wrote to transport yourself into your own computer.
Once inside, you meet programs, viruses, corrupt files and more.


Adventure At C: offers over 14 challenging stages. Most stages have a boss enemy at the end of it.
The game features a nostalgic 8bit(or chiptune) soundtrack, with a different track for almost everything in the game.
The game has copius amounts of content inside of it. If you want to keep playing, there's usually something or another to strive for.
In this game, your character also has stats Health, Attack (power) and defense.
The stats can be upgraded by visiting the shop.
Another feature which adds hours of fun to your experience is
"Custom Stages"
Just as it sounds, custom stages is a feature where you can create, share and play stages created by yourself or other Adventure At C: users.
For more on custom stages, see "Custom Stages"
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